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  SciGrip Weld-On #42

SciGrip Weld-On #42 is a two-component, reactive, high strength adhesive for bonding acrylic, including extruded cell cast and continuous cast, as well as, molded parts and some cross-linked sheet. It will also bond acrylic to polyester, cellulose acetate butyrate (CAB), polycarbonate and other materials. Packaged in a two component cartridge (10:1 ratio) for use with a dispensing gun and static mixing tip. Meets Mil Spec A-8576C Type lll.

Shipping Note: May Incur Additional Fees This item can ship Fedex Ground or Fedex Home Delivery with no additional fees, but is a hazardous material when shipped express (ie 2Day, Overnight). Because of the type of good, the only express option allowed is Priority Overnight. Our shipping calculator is not able to properly calculate these charges, so if you choose an express shipping option we will contact you with the proper shipping charges.

Price: $24.91 – $648.60
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Weld-On Gun 230ml 10:1
Weld-On Gun 230ml 10:1
Price: $277.77
gun230ml and 400ml low resis.png
Weld-On Gun 50ml 10:1
Weld-On Gun 50ml 10:1
Price: $76.27
gun 50ml 10-1.png
Weld-On Mix Tip 230ml 10:1 12pk
Pack of 12 Mixing Tips 230ml 10:1 materials (Weld-On #42) #13147
Price: $30.96
Weld-On Mix Tip 50ml 10:1 12pk
12 Pack Mixing tip for 50ml 10:1 materials (like Weld-On #42) (#13586)
Price: $15.00
mixtip50ml 10-1 12pk.png