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BC5105 Laminating System
BC5105 is a clear, unfilled, low-viscosity laminating system. This heat-resistant resin exhibits excellent “wet-out” and reasonable working time.
Price: $75.33 – $6,449.67
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DP-11-88 Urethane Adhesive
DP-11-88 Urethane Adhesive is a medium-viscosity, quick-setting, easy-to-use urethane adhesive.
Price: $69.85 – $128.07
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DP-11-75 Foundry Plank Repair Paste
DP-11-75 Foundry Plank Repair Paste 50ml Kit is a two-component, medium-viscosity urethane patch system.
Price: $13.01
BCC DP 50ml.png
DP-11-83 20/lb. Urethane Adhesive Slow
DP-11-83 20/lb. Urethane Adhesive Slow is a low-viscosity, quick-setting, easy-to-use adhesive and/or casting material.
Price: $85.61
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